Continuing Education Points (CEP)

***please note that the membership and CEP points database is currently not available it is being upgraded, if you have any questions concerning your points total please contact the NSGWA office***

Each Well Driller, Pump Installer and Well Digger must collect 100 educational points over a four year period in order to remain qualified to be licensed.

The first session of the Continuing Education Points Program has come to an end (2008-2011). If you should have any questions regarding you points please call Noreene McGuire at 1-888-242-4440.

Those who do not have 100 points at the end of the 4 year period, will be required to retake training, at their own expense, before their license can be renewed.

2012 is the start year of the 4 year cycle for the CEP for Qualified Persons (2012-2015). Please keep check of your points or contact the office of NSGWA if you have any questions.