Continuing Education Program documents and forms

Click on any of the following to download CEP documents and forms in .pdf format:

  • NSGWA Events and Continuing Education Opportunities Matrix
    a schedule of events and courses offered throughout the Maritime Provinces and on-line.
  • CEP Guiding Document
    the document upon which the CEP is governed.
  • Points Summary – Schedule 1
    the list of events for which points have been pre-approved.
  • Course Application Form
    for use by course providers to submit details to the CEP committee for consideration of the applicability of the course and/or the proportion of total time spent on the course for which CEP points may apply.
  • Course Attendance Form
    for use by course providers to submit the names of persons who have completed various courses, for use by the CEP committee for points accounting purposes.
  • Course Assessment Form
    for use by individual certified persons through which to submit course information to apply for and register points for courses that are provided outside of the NSGWA and for which the course has not yet been pre-approved.

Once completed, the Course Application, Course Attendance and Course Assessment forms should be sent to the CEP committee, c/o NSGWA:

By email at:

By regular mail at:
#3, 644 Portland Street, Suite 417
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
B2W 2M3

Please note that if you have participated in any of the following activities, points have already been placed in the database for you and you need not complete a points registration form:

  • January 2008 NSGWA Annual General Meeting
  • Any of the 2008 NSGWA CEP-introductory regional meetings
  • The educational portion of the 2008 NSGWA Awards Diner meeting
  • The 2008 Atlas Copco/Baroid seminar held in Nova Scotia
  • The 2008 Pentair pump course held in Nova Scotia