Memorandum of understanding (MOU) to help advance education

The Nova Scotia Ground Water Association has on 01 January 2004 entered into a memorandum of understanding with Nova Scotia Environment respecting “the training, education, and upgrading of Certified Well Drillers, Certified Well Diggers, and Certified Pump Installers, the delivery of information to other groundwater service stakeholders and the general public and to provide funding for such activities.” This agreement was made under the terms of the Well Construction Regulations (N.S. Reg . 58/95) in force at that time. A copy of the MOU (in .pdf format) is available here.

Funding for activities under this MOU is obtained by Nova Scotia Environment by them having doubled the fee rates charged to industry practitioners to obtain certifications of qualification. As such, all activities under the MOU are directly funded by the Nova Scotia groundwater industry practitioners. Nova Scotia Environment has agreed to “pay up to 50% per year of any additional Certificate of Qualification fee money collected by the Department after January 1, 2004 to the Society” (the Nova Scotia Ground Water Association).

The funding provided to NSGWA under the MOU has resulted in, among several other things, the creation of this Web site, the development of the NSGWA newsletter, our participation at various public functions including the Halifax Ideal Home Show, plus the delivery of technical seminars that are now a normal part of all of our association meetings. It is now the main source of funding for the CEP.

While the full 50% was typically not received from Nova Scotia Environment initially, the full 50% of the certificate of qualification fee money collected made available to NSGWA for the start of the continuing education program (CEP, see details below).